Monday, November 26, 2007

First message

Publishing on the Internet takes time, so that very often I have not the courage to create new pages. On the other hand, with the developpement of blogs, it is now possible to very quickly edit information.

After 10 years with a classical website, I will try with this blog format.

I hope I will then be able to update this blog more often than my web page, and to keep you interested with my sailplane adventures !

My old web site is kept in current state, and is still available at this address

1 comment:

Rick R said...


Blogging is an experience of it's own. You will get frustrated, discouraged, at times "too busy".
Don't give in to the negatives. What you are providing is needed. Remember that very few of the people that depend on your blog will leave a comment so that you know that they were there.
Good luck with it.
Rick R.