Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter purchases...

This winter I have baught a new sailplane model, first time in years...  Helios was really a good choice. Amazing to see how are made those new DLG, and flying is superb !
Modern 2.4GHz radioset also now goes with downlink as a basis, that is you can have altimeter & variometer reading on the screen, and sound into an earplug !

More info on Helios :

Also play the game "spot the difference".

I have indeed baught the Butterfly "dream vario". It is very well built, installation of the sensor box requires some care... I will hopefully see in flight how this piece of technology is robust, and actually bring something to my flight technic !
I just hope I won't miss too much the 303 interface for simple but efficient navigation...


Adrien Ott said...

Trois varios! ça c'est de la redondance!
j'espere que le butterfly fait au moins aussi bien la nav élémentaire du 303.

PPL student in canada said...

Its Good.