Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mesured sink polar of LS6

Here is the scan of original LS6 sink polar, as measured by DLR back in 1986 :

The reading of this polar has confirmed to me the way to fly (without water):
Do not use flap -5 before 150kph !

Then, up to 150 kph you are virtually flying a LS8...


Anonymous said...


Combien de finesse fait il ?

Anonymous said...

Best glide is about 42 @ 100km/h, 41,6667 @ 110km/h.
Plummeting to about 39,86 @122km/h.

I uptained these numbers using a ruler and calculator.

Thanks for the graph. I own a LS6a as well. VH-NII


mart said...

Hi Matthieu,

My name is Mart and I am owner of LS6a VH-NII here in Australia.
Last week, 20-01-10, I was in Narromine and met a few people there, who knew a lot about the LS6.
Apparently there is a TN for winglets on the LS6. It was done here in oz and according to them it is valid wordwide. The reason the DG factory doesn't mention it, is because it is not in their interest to improve the old LS6. They rather sell new LS8 gliders. The person who did it is Paul Matthews and I am trying to contact him now to get all data. Pilots here that flew with the winglets said it was especially good thermalling with water.

I will keep you informed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mattieu,

I understand that the winglets used are the same as the LS8 , they took a mold from somebody's glider and fabricated them. I understand it's possible to put other winglets on if you want to because the calculations were for the wing and the winglets themselves don't have to be very strong. I also saw ASW 27 style winglets ment for a LS6.

The person who told me about it, Mark Hartley, said that the calculations are valid worldwide. Everybody in the world is according to him allowed to put winglets on a LS6 now.

I am very interested in winglets for my glider since it needs refinishing this or next year. That is a great oppurtunity to improve the glider even more. Mark said that with the winglets it's on some points better than a '27.

Maybe when I am in Europe in your summer I will be able to see your glider with winglets. I have a house in Laragne ( 05 ) where we spend 3 month's each year. Probably I saw you fly over Chabre when you flew your comp from st Auban.

We fly hanggliders in France. Often I wish I had my glider though, especially when the mistal is blowing and we are grounded.



Ps what is a STC ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Matthieu,

I received mail fromt the pilot here that put winglets on 2 ! LS6 gliders. Can you please mail me again. I tried to answer via reply but it didn't work.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Matthieu
I own a LS6 and I ' m interested by any info about these winglets

can you contact me ?
03 89 06 04 89 France

Jacques said...

Hi Matthieu,
Great and very informative blog.
I am trying to find drag data for an LS6, similar to a polar curve I'd like to find the drag a various speeds. The reason for this is to try to calculate the acceleration and deceleration while dolphin flying to see how we can optimize the cruise.

Since you are technically versed and have an LS6 I thought you may have that data.

Also I am part owner of the original LS6 that had the winglets in Australia. I can confirm they are identical to the LS8.



Matthieu said...

Jacques, I do have some other material on LS6. Don't hesitate to contact me on
matthieu.scherrer 'at'