Saturday, December 1, 2007

Preparation of technical study of LS6 glider

I am collecting as much technical information as possible about my glider type.
if you have any information, please don't hesitate to contact me

The objective is for me to test available tools for aerodynamic computaton and prediction on a precise book case. I base my study on on LS6 measured planform and wing airfoils.

The geometry of LS6 wing have been translated for MIAReX, my tool coupling lifting line theory and Xfoil results.
The final objective is to test how accurate such a tool could be at predicting the speed polar, and have a first hestimate of non linear behavior of the wing for handling quality evaluation.

I have also been preparing the formated file for having the complete saiplane geometry of LS6 available in AVL.
The objective is to be able to study the rigid, linear handling quality of the LS6 glider over its flight domain.

Using those tools, I hope to progress in the understanding and prediction of the aerodynamic of sailplanes, and mine in the first place !


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