Friday, November 30, 2007

The LS6 in the worshop

This is winter, the LS6 is now grounded and is waiting in the worshop to be fully checked.

The first task was to build a proper bench for handling the fuselage :

Now the car has a friend in the garage !

Slope flying with the LS6 at "La Montagne Noire"

Some nice souvenir of two flights from LFMG

Monday, November 26, 2007

Old timer flying

I had the opportunity to fly some old timer sailplane from APPARAT group. this was a big time for me, as I have mainly flown fiber ships !

First was french Breguet 905 "Fauvette". This is a V-tail, 15m wooden sailplane. Very light to handle, the V-tail mixer is at first surprising, but once used to it you hardly notice it !

Then I had the chance to fly the Slingsby T-21 with Julien. This is a british side-by-side twin seater. Aerotowing is a big story, as you fly far too quickly for this old lady ! Once free, flying at 60kph it is much more bearable to have the head out !

Nice souvenir !

First message

Publishing on the Internet takes time, so that very often I have not the courage to create new pages. On the other hand, with the developpement of blogs, it is now possible to very quickly edit information.

After 10 years with a classical website, I will try with this blog format.

I hope I will then be able to update this blog more often than my web page, and to keep you interested with my sailplane adventures !

My old web site is kept in current state, and is still available at this address