Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jaca in 2010

This year was again the occasion to fly from Jaca with some colleague from different clubs in SW of france.

There was some OTAN manouevers in the mountain, so that it was possible to spot nice helicopters just near the airfield (and then they were on the tops of the moutians...)

Beginning of the week north wind was quite strong, leading to wave conditions on the south side of the Pyrénées. Wind was perfectly perpendicular to the runaway, reaching 25kts at the time of landing !

After quite an energetic aerotowing, everything was much calmer in altitude... even with 120 to 150kph wind to deal with !

Thanks to my brand new oxygen system, I did'nt have to stop climbing so that I could reach more than 6000m ! First time for me (some colleagues even reached higher altitudes).

Being up there just felt like flying an Airbus sometime...

On the 1rst day France was fully covered with cloud, on the 2nd more nice mountains were visible, such as the Pic du midi d'Ossau :

Afterwards, the weather turns to more classical thermal condition, very enjoyable.
I have discovered new areas again this year : Posets, Aygestortes, and also the very nice Vignemale. Some films where taken, to be processed !!

Flying as a ground has made possible nice airshots (thanks Sandrine !) :

At the end quite some kilometers mainly in the mountain for me...

All this with a nice team !