Friday, December 5, 2014

Back in the Alps

I had not been flying in the alps since 2009... We came back for 2 weeks in  Aubenasson with the family (like in 2008...).


The airfield lies next to the Drome River, south east of Valence.

This is quite a nice place for mixing family & flying, with some days flying, and some days walking in the mountains around !

Saou forest - which provides nice slope just near to the airfield - is quite unique sight.

This year was the opportunity to discover a bit more Vercors mountains, with southern but also northern wind...

In term of big flight, weather was somehow choppy, still at the end of the stay it has improved & reasonnably nice flights were possible, to le Verdon or Les écrins.

I could check a few time that Pic de Bures Mountains is still the same serious-looking  moutain...

I was also happy to get my dad in Aubenasson's club Duodiscus to have a bit of "rock surfing".

 Also thanks to Christophe for letting me his nice Libelle - this was a first for me !

Well, those were nice holydays...