Sunday, June 7, 2009

French 15m national

I have participate for the first time to a french national, 15m class, taking place in Vinon sur Verdon. The other classes flown were two siters-20m (more or less DuoDiscus monotype...) & open class.

The area flown was southern french alps. I knew a bit the area, but with competition pressure I have done things I had never tried before (very low on slopes, things like that...)

It was a bit difficult for me at least at the beginning, two outlanding for starting, I choose to go to airfields soon enough...

Saint Auban, "Les Mées" in the runaway axis
Gap (Thank to Céline & Denis for the road retrieval)
For the next flights I was able to be back home !

It is quite difficult to take photographs during competition flight, as you are much occupied. Hopefully there was a few calm moment when it was possible to reach the camera.

In Vercors wave :

In Queyras, with Mont Viso behind the clouds :

I ended 18th out of 23, no very glorious, people used to flying flying in mountain were for sure in a better position. Still I have flown very nice flight, I did not get too much scared by the different situation in the mountain, & I did not end up into the rocks !
So very nice experience, for my next competition I may rather try flat area though !

You can find here the competition diary.