Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cross country sailplane computer

Here is a computer for sailplane cross country flying. It helps at flying in security while taking the full benefit of sailplane performance.

This is "old school" stuff, I have been taught into this by Fran├žois Ragot, who was in the WGC once in the 50's - 60's. It is a 100% failsafe device !

Two version of the computer are available :
- The initial "big" version, ideal to learn to compute with.
- The panel version, to be placed among others instruments.

A short user book is also provided.

The panel version is installed in my LS6, I use it in parallel with Cambridge 302/303, as another (failsafe ;-) ) source of information.

If you happen to build this computer, just send me a photo of it : matthieu.scherrer 'at'