Sunday, December 8, 2013

Flying in Spain -2013

The now classical video from shot in spain in 2013.

Not the best weather ever this year, still some very nice flying experience, with friends or alone. There was a lot of north wind, hence very often wave related phenomenons... A good opportunity to test Butterfly vario !

Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter purchases...

This winter I have baught a new sailplane model, first time in years...  Helios was really a good choice. Amazing to see how are made those new DLG, and flying is superb !
Modern 2.4GHz radioset also now goes with downlink as a basis, that is you can have altimeter & variometer reading on the screen, and sound into an earplug !

More info on Helios :

Also play the game "spot the difference".

I have indeed baught the Butterfly "dream vario". It is very well built, installation of the sensor box requires some care... I will hopefully see in flight how this piece of technology is robust, and actually bring something to my flight technic !
I just hope I won't miss too much the 303 interface for simple but efficient navigation...