Friday, December 24, 2021

Installing XC Vario

 At the begining of the season, I had dismantled the old C302 vario & have replaced it with a modern instrument : A XC Vario.

The old generation out...

... replaced by a modern tool !

XCVario is in the family of open source varios, with the interest that a very neat hardware can be purchased, while software is opened.

In the main features :

  • Basic sensors covers pressures (static, total & antenna) & temperatures informations for standart altitude & speeds parameter construction
  • Advanced sensors as options providing as well as 3axis acceleros & gyros (AHRS)
  • Full Wifi & Bluetooth connectivity is offered
  • It is compatible with XCsoar 
  • It is ready to receive FLARM information, with a contact display 
More info at :

This instrument has been used over 2021 flying season as a starting point for scientific investigations... 

The updated instrument panel

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Unknown said...

can you give information in comparison between the Butterflyvario and the XC Vario. Especially the vario and the wind indicator would interest me.

Thanks H