Friday, December 24, 2021

Recording with XC Vario

 As described in the former post, XCVario has onboard sensors of interest to analyse flight paths of a glider. With two other pilots, Jean-Luc & Guy-François, we are working on formulas & algorithms using those sensors to provide enhanced variometry measurement.

As a first step, Jean-Luc & Guy-François have created a fork from XCVario software, that is providing in particular the emission on Bluetooth for parameters of interest, that can be recorded by a smartphone. Over the season, I could record more than a ten of flight hour on my LS6 glider, that can be analysed on over the winter. A typical 5hrs flight results into ~30Mo of text file. For analysis purpose I use Scilab cripts (open source cousin for Matlab...), but Guy François has also developped his own post processing program.

Looking into this recorded material is providing interesting insight into the condition encountered while flying. Further post will be dedicated to observing what is measured

A Cross country flight over the alps (see the flight in Weglide)

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